Dehumidification technology
Switzerland + Principality of Liechtenstein
Technology for dehumidification of structures

Technical description

The foundation for the wall dehumidification system is the basic principle of electromagnetics. the different waves, i.e. “frequencies” are transmitted with long waves so that they cause a change in the frequency spectrum of the walls. As a consequence, the rising capillary humidity looses its tension so that its direction can be changed. In this way, the capillary humidity can be led back into the soil.

The dehumidification device “Pearl” is compliant with Minergie (Swiss building standard) and only generates low amounts of electric smog. Its transmission power is approx. 1 nano-Watt (1 billionth of 1 Watt). The cost for power supply amounts to approx. 6 to 8 Swiss Francs per year.


Our dehumidification Pearl

Type: R15+H-R / R30+H-R / R45+H-R


Size 29cm x 22cm x 14cm (W x H x D)
Casing Plastic (splash proof)
Power consumption V 12VDC / A 11mA
Indicator Operation = indicator light for active operation
Battery operation Battery voltage, colour
Operation counter Operating days / hours


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