Dehumidification technology
Switzerland + Principality of Liechtenstein
Technology for dehumidification of structures

Business owner

Mannhart Meinrad

As a graduate construction expert with decades of experience in both structural and civil engineering, as well as reconstruction, I have acquired vast knowledge of the issues of different construction activities and building types. Throughout my career I have been repeatedly faced with water: hydraulic structures, water pipeline construction, water sources, reservoir construction, etc. In particular, sealing of such structures and any consequences have been in my focus. In this way, both my professional life and my hobbies have contributed towards water becoming my main element: i.e. water exploration, processing and refinement of water, and displacement of water.

What is more, I have been repeatedly made aware of the risks and health problems that can be caused by water. In my capacity as radon expert registered with the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health, I can provide advice and guidance regarding this inert gas, which typically occurs in combination with ingress of water.




Back office & marketing

Hofer Barbara   

As a trained office clerk I have assumed responsibility for the back office and have been part of the dehumidification technology team for many years now. After my second vocational training as Swiss business graduate, I gained experience in various fields and companies. My tasks at this company include general office work, making customer appointments, scheduling, and presentation at trade shows. For me this is both an exciting and very rewarding position.